Transform Fitness with Fight Out: Earn Crypto Rewards for Exercising!

• Rozz Charles, a Filipino cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiast, reviewed the innovative M2E platform Fight Out for his 45,800 YouTube subscribers.
• The goal of Fight Out is to provide a method through which anyone can achieve the kind of accomplishment they desire through physical activity.
• Fight Out has already raised more than $4.4 million during its second phase of presale and initial adopters can now receive additional 67% more FGHT tokens due to an incentive program unveiled by the project.

Philippines Crypto Youtuber Reviews Workout Metaverse NFT Project

Philippines cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiast Rozz Charles reviewed the innovative Move-to-Earn (M2E) platform Fight Out for his 45,800 YouTube subscribers. The goal of Fight Out is to provide a method through which anyone can achieve the kind of accomplishment they desire through physical activity.

Fight Out Uses Revolutionary Web3 & M2E Technologies

Fight Out is utilizing revolutionary Web3 and Move-to-Earn technologies in order to alter the traditional fitness industry. The brand-new project is developing a premium gym and training application that rewards users for performing various activities at home or in a gym. Additionally, users are rewarded with REPS tokens when their fitness regimen is personalized to their individual needs and abilities, and when their successes and improvements are automatically reflected in a virtual avatar that depicts their fitness stats, gamifies their fitness journey, and encourages continued engagement with REPS token rewards and personalized workout plans.

FGHT Token Presale Update

The project has already raised more than $4.4 million during its second phase of presale after hundreds of requests from the larger community decided to eliminate three month required vesting period. Initial adopters can now receive additional 67% more FGHT tokens due to an incentive program unveiled by Fight Out during its high-potential presale stage.

Guide on How To Buy FGHT Token

Those who want to purchase FGHT tokens can do so by following our guide on how to buy FGHT token here: [INSERT LINK]. This guide will walk them through all steps needed in order to join the presale process successfully while also taking advantage of 50% bonus offered by Fight Out’s team!

Become A FightOut Affiliate And Earn Money

In addition, those interested may become a FightOut affiliate as well as earn money for spreading the word about this revolutionary new project! All it takes is joining the presale today and claiming your 50% bonus!

Start Investing in Real Estate with Metropoly: A Solid Crypto Choice

• Metropoly is an NFT platform that simplifies and decentralizes the global real estate market using blockchain technology.
• Real estate properties are converted into fractional NFTs and sold on the Metropoly NFT marketplace for as low as $100.
• By eliminating middlemen, fees, delays, and paperwork associated with real estate deals, Metropoly facilitates real estate trading in less than a minute.

What is Metropoly?

Metropoly is an NFT platform that aims to simplify and decentralize the global real estate market by leveraging blockchain technology. It converts handpicked real estate properties from around the world into NFTs and divides them into fractional parts for easy purchase at prices as low as $100. This approach takes real estate to Web3 and expedites the deal process with more participation while eliminating middlemen, fees, delays, and paperwork associated with traditional real estate dealing.

Why Invest in Metropoly?

The crypto market has become much more cautious this year due to a series of collapses in 2022. Investors are now looking for strong projects backed by far-sighted teams who can provide use cases for blockchain innovation in the mainstream. In this regard, Metropoly stands out as a solid investment option due to its decentralized nature of recording ownership data on the blockchain which eliminates middlemen from transactions; its ability to facilitate fast trading (under 1 minute); and its affordability ($100 per fractional part).

How Does it Work?

Metropoly converts chosen real estate properties into NFTs which represent immutable ownership records stored on the blockchain. These assets are divided into fractional parts which enable people to collectively own a property without requiring endless documentation like what’s needed in traditional markets. The ownership transfer process is also simple since all records are already stored on the chain which eliminates time-consuming paperwork or third-party involvement for settlement of deals.

Benefits of Investing in Metropoly

By investing in Metropoly you can benefit from:

• Low entry costs ($100 per fractional part)

• Ease of trading (less than 1 minute)

• Trustworthy security (immutable data stored on blockchain)

• No need for middleman or lengthy paperwork

• Fast settlement of deals

• Accessibility to international markets

• More participation & liquidity


The advantages offered by investing in Metropoly make it a strong contender among other crypto investments this year. Its decentralized nature allows users to bypass traditional methods such as banks and paperwork when buying or selling real estate property – enabling them to trade faster with lower costs involved compared to conventional markets.

Bancor Price Soars Above $0.45 Level: Bullish Run Predicted

• Bancor Price Prediction for Today, February 7: BNT/USD Rises Above $0.45 Level
• The Bancor price may stay above the moving averages and if the resistance of $0.50 gives way, the bull run may come to focus
• Technical indicators suggest that if buyers keep the coin above the moving averages, it may remain on the upside

Bancor Price Prediction for Today

The Bancor price prediction for today is that it could rise above $0.45 level. Currently, it is trying to create a higher ground above this resistance level. If buyers can keep it above the 9-day and 21-day moving averages, then it will likely stay on an upward trajectory.

Market Key Levels

The key levels for BNT/USD are its resistance levels at $0.52, $0.54 and $0.56 as well as its support levels at $0.39, 0.37 and 0.35 respectively. These can be used as a reference point when forecasting future prices of Bancor coins in order to make informed trading decisions.

Bancor Price Prediction: What Could be Next?

If the bulls manage to push past the resistance level of $0.50 then they could take control of the market and drive up prices even further to reach new heights of up to $0.52, $0

Earn Crypto While You Train – Revolutionize Your Fitness with Fight Out!

• Fight Out is a new web3 fitness platform that rewards users for working out and completing challenges.
• The Fight Out app measures and tracks physical performance through smartphones and wearable technology.
• The project combines physical gyms with an integrated web3 experience, while also offering an ambassador program.

What is Fight Out?

Fight Out is a brand new web3 fitness application and gym chain that rewards its users for working out, completing challenges and competing within a first-of-its-kind fitness metaverse. Through the use of smartphone and wearable technology, users can track their progress in real time, while also earning rewards for their activity. The project seeks to combine the physical world with the web3 space by launching gyms across major cities around the world, in addition to providing an integrated virtual experience.

How Does it Work?

The Fight Out app harnesses smartphone and wearable technology to measure and track physical performance. Users are able to earn rewards for completing Move-to-Earn tasks, such as daily step goals or long distance runs, as well as minting a soul-bound token avatar which allows them to interact with the Fight Out metaverse.

What Makes it Unique?

Fight Out takes a more holistic approach to tracking and rewarding its users than existing competitors like Sweatcoin or STEPN. Additionally, users don’t have to pay any expensive buy-ins to take part in their activities or redeem rewards – making it highly accessible for those looking for an affordable way to stay fit at home or on the go! Finally, Fight Out’s ambassador program gives pro combat athletes the opportunity to join forces with upcoming talent in order to promote health and wellness worldwide.

When Can We Expect It?

According to Fight Out’s whitepaper, their smartphone application is scheduled for launch in Q2 2023 – so keep your eyes peeled! In addition, they plan on opening up their own gyms across all of the world’s major cities throughout 2023/2024 – giving you even more opportunities make lasting changes towards improving your health and wellbeing.

What Are You Waiting For?

Ready to take the first step on your fitness journey? With Fight Out you have everything you need start your journey today – from tips & tricks on how best maintain motivation when entering a healthy lifestyle through progress tracking tools that allow you see results immediately! So what are you waiting for? Join us today as we change up fitness game forever!