Sam Bankman-Fried’s VPN Use Raises Prosecutors‘ Concerns

• Prosecutors in the case against Sam Bankman-Fried and his crypto company FTX are asking for access to a VPN that SBF used to gain internet access.
• Sam Bankman-Fried is currently out on a $250 million bond awaiting trial at his parents‘ home in Northern California, having been charged with fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud.
• The FTX debacle has gone down as one of the biggest embarrassments in crypto history, going from being one of the top five crypto exchanges by 2022 to experiencing a liquidity crisis in November last year.

Prosecutors Concerned Over Sam Bankman-Fried Using a VPN

Prosecutors in the case against both Sam Bankman-Fried and his now defunct crypto company FTX are asking the judge overseeing things to allow them access to a virtual private network (VPN) that SBF used to garner access to the internet. Danielle Sassoon – a prosecutor in the case – said that while a VPN can, at this stage, be found in most private residences and businesses, the idea that someone like SBF is using one raises concerns given his past crimes and malicious deeds.

Bail Conditions Set for Former Crypto Executive

Sam Bankman-Fried had already been barred from extensive contact with both former and present employees of FTX. He is also banned from using private text apps such as Signal that allow users to auto-delete whatever messages they send. He is currently out on a $250 million bond, meaning his parents and several friends have put up items as collateral should SBF ever try to flee the country or do something stupid. Should this occur, they’ll lose all they’ve put up to cover that figure to the U.S. government.

FTX’s Rise & Fall

Once considered a top-of-the-line crypto exchange, FTX first came about in 2019 and rose into the category of top five crypto exchanges by the time 2022 came about. Things were looking great for the company, and SBF was labeled as a genius by many – however their success was short lived when shareholders experienced liquidity issues come November 2020 due to poor management decisions by SBF himself resulting in financial losses for many involved parties.

Consequences of Poor Financial Decisions

The consequences of these poor financial decisions resulted not only in losses for shareholders but criminal charges too; including fraud and conspiracy set against Sam Bankman-Fried himself who pleaded not guilty during court proceedings earlier this year despite evidence pointing towards him as being responsible for multiple financial misdemeanours within FTX prior its closure late last year.


In conclusion it can be seen how allegations surrounding Sam Bankman- Fried’s use of virtual private networks have caused unease amongst prosecutors leading them ask for new bail conditions set upon him during proceedings earlier this month ahead of what will likely go down as one of most infamous cases within cryptocurrency history .