The banks that hate Bitcoin the most – Watch out for your encrypted transactions!

Friend or foe? – Who in the cryptosphere hasn’t had a falling out with his bank at least once? A bank transfer or a bank card that doesn’t go through when it came to buying cryptomoney. This is a very common case! This is the question asked by our colleagues at, and the results are quite edifying.

Even the most reputable crypto stock exchanges are blocked.

Readers of the site are regularly asked to report, in a survey, their relationship with their bank concerning their transactions related to cryptomonnages.

A satisfaction rate was thus established to evaluate which banks were the most hostile to crypto bull-actives and which were the most crypto-compatible.

The 3 banks that pose the least problems to evolve quietly in the cryptosphere are as follows:

  1. N26 with a 93% satisfaction rate ;
  2. Hello Bank with 82% satisfaction;
  3. ING Direct with 78%.

On the other hand, the three banks that are most likely to get in your way when it comes to doing what you want with your money are the three banks that are most likely to get in your way:

  1. CIC with only 24% satisfied ;
  2. Crédit Mutuel with 34%;
  3. Crédit Agricole with 36%.

The worst remains undoubtedly that these blockages can even affect exchange platforms that are recognised as safe: Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, etc…

Don’t hesitate to visit the website to find out more about this bank encryption system! You will also see what the main problems encountered by customers of banks that are not very crypto-friendly are.